Repleat is an independent bag label based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Brought to life by the women in one family based across the globe, New York and Kuala Lumpur. The label is a thoughtful convergence of being driven and inspired by the city, in all its energy and structural qualities, while pursuing and coveting the ideals of tropical dreams. It is a relationship that combines these worlds aesthetically, a marriage between the vibes of the tropics and the energy of the city.


Through its inventive employment of the unlikely plastic Polypropylene, Repleat draws inspiration from a multitude of global artistic influences, from Moorish architecture to Japanese origami, providing designs that are heavily rooted in its attention to dimensional forms, textural qualities and the juxtaposition of light and shadow. Each design has been thoughtfully engineered to be seamless in its folds and joints, utilizing a minimal amount of pieces, with the belief that durable structures should and can be achieved with minimal external parts/joints. Each bag in its folds and pleats should be as self-sufficient and able to standalone, something that we strive to achieve giving accountability to our designs, and therefore the functionality of each bag. Each design is machine-cut and then carefully hand-assembled, adorned with hand-made handles and completed with a matching hand-sewn drawstring pouch and with some styles, a bag organizer. Our bags are available in 9 styles (1 more launching at the end of Summer), of different sizes and colour combinations.

If you'd like to customize an order (switch up the handle/bag colour combo) email us so we can tell you the lead and production times. All customized orders are the same price - with the exception of the shipping fee (which we don't normally charge for standard orders)